Pike fly fishing in Scotland

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Pike Fishing - fly fishing

Pike are to be found in many of the lochs in Scotland and especially in many of the Perthshire Lochs where double figure specimens lie in wait for the fly fisherman during the summer months. Not that you need to catch a huge fish to get lots of excitement as these ferocious predators attach the bait fish imitating fly with gusto. Using an eight weight fly rod and a hard nylon leader reinforced by a short wire trace the sport that these fish provide is truly amazing. They can be caught from the shore or from boats, or if you are brave, from float tubes.

pike caught on the fly
Even a 7lb pike is fun on a fly rod

This pike weighed about 7 pounds and took a large fly similar to the one pictured below that is a brilliant imitation of a small fish. Materials used are synthetic hairs of the same types that are used for salt water flies. The body is coated with epoxy resin between wing layers to ensure that it withstands the razor sharp teeth of the pike. Mylar strands produce a glistening scale-like appearance in the water and the whole fly is given character by the addition of stick on eyes.

a typical pike fly
Pike fly

The weed guards are made from Mason Hard nylon and these allow the fly to be retrieved through snaggy weed beds with little chance of getting caught up or fouling. Pike can be caught on flies of any colour as long as they resemble something large enough to be considered prey by this fearsome predator.

playing a lively pike
Playing a pike on fly

Here is some of the explosive action that pike fly fishing gives. When these fish turn on the heat their speed is truly surprising. Built for sprinting the pike gives its best on a fly rod with searing runs and frantic surface action. They do not possess the stamina of salmon, nor do they fight with the exhilaration of the sea trout, but in their own way they provide great sport. Barbless single hooks are easily removed and within a minute or two the fish are returned safely to the loch to fight another day. If you are getting bored with stocked rainbows a reservoir rod and a few big flies are all that you need to get started. Contact me for pike fishing.

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